The first release of Wiziva plugin on the WordPress Repository

Our plugin is finally live and available for download from the WordPress repository:

Wiziva Plugin - Cover

After the WordPress review team denied the plugin twice, because of improper including of external files, they finally approved it.
Now I know very well how these guys would like to see external files included and I’m going to write another post to share my experience to those of you who are creating plugins and submit to the WordPress repository.

To the Wiziva users I’m now just going to explain quick what you can do with this plugin.
If you’re a Wiziva member then you know very well how convenient is the platform for managing a portfolio of your favorite plugins and themes and then bulk install to any WordPress site you have.
All this is available with the help of our core plugin “Wiziva”.
But while it needed some manual work on your end to download the plugin from our site and then install to your WordPress site, some of you (our members) asked if we’re going to add the plugin to the WordPress free plugin repository to make it really easy to install. So we hear what you’re asking for and we do it.

But now the plugin is not just the secure connector between your account and your WordPress installation but it’s also a standalone portfolio manager.
Within your WordPress admin area you can manage a portfolio of plugins and themes and then easily bulk install and transfer your portfolio to the other WordPress installations you have.
Here is a screenshot of the dashboard:
The Wiziva plugin - Dashboard

There are 2 ways you can add plugins and themes to your portfolio – from the WordPress repository and by syncing with your account.
Then you can sort them in groups and bulk install with a single click.

When you search the repository you can add plugins and themes to your portfolio (using “Add to Wiziva” button):

Wiziva Plugin - Search the WordPress Repository

And here is how you can import your portfolio from your account:

Wiziva Plugin - syncing with account


Please note that if you would like to add plugins and themes which are not part of the free Repository then the only way to add them to your portfolio is by uploading them to your account.
Also the Wiziva installation packs (Wizards) are not available for use within the plugin. They are only available on our site, because the engine that stands behind them is hard to implement and support within a plugin.

Here is again the link to download the plugin from the WordPress repository:

If you still don’t have account at you can create one for free here:

For a limited time we have a free welcome pack (“Optimized Site and Blog” and “Content Loader” wizards) so now is the best time to open your account.
With the “Optimized Site and Blog” wizard you can create an optimized WordPress site in a minute and with the “Content Loader” wizard you can easily import posts from different external sources – Blogger, Drupal, Joomla, RSS Feed, Text Files, CSV/Excel file, etc.

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