Wiziva ImPorters – Import posts to WordPress from multiple sources (Blogger, Drupal, Joomla, RSS, CSV, etc.)

WordPress became the most popular CMS and probably the most powerful and easy to use.
That’s why lot of people are moving from other platforms to WordPress.
Recently a friend of mine asked about an easy way to move all his articles from Joomla to WordPress.
And actually this is a pretty common problem and I had lot of similar requests in the past from clients.

So now after you create a website in a minute with Wiziva, the next step is to load content.
And if you have it somewhere else and would like to move it to your fresh installation it is now possible with Wiziva and as always it is very easy and fast to do.

Introducing Wiziva ImPorters

Now within every Wiziva wizard you have the option to pre-load content (posts and pages) during the installation process.
For now we have 6 different sources you can use – Blogger, Drupal, Joomla, RSS Feed, CSV file, Text files.
Other sources will be added in the near future.

Although this functionality might be most useful when you are doing a fresh WordPress installation and need an initial content added, it’s quite possible that you may need to import content on regular bases.
That’s why we have created a special wizards for this purpose. It is called “Content Loader” and while it will be a subject of constant updates we will be glad to here your ideas about improvements and other content sources you would like to see in the importer.

Now I would like to give some more details for every specific source you can use in this wizard.

Importing Posts from Blogger to WordPress

With this option you can import up to 200 posts from an existing blogger blog.
All you need to provide is just the blog URL.
In the screenshot below you can see the other publishing options.
Note that all the posts you import (no matter which option you’re using) go into a content pool where you can review and edit before uploading them to your WordPress site.

Import content from Blogger to WordPress


Importing Articles and Pages from Drupal to WordPress

There are many ways to export the content from Drupal and then to import to WordPress, but most of them are not very easy to follow and may require some technical skills/
We decided that probably the most easy way for you will be if you provide your FTP details and the wizard to take care for everything.
Your FTP details are not stored on our server and are used over a secure connections just while the import wizard works. No modifications will be made to your existing Drupal website. The FTP is used only to upload a small bridge file that makes the export available and it is deleted after the export is completed.
On the following screenshot you can see what are the settings required from the wizard.

Import articles and pages from Drupal to WordPress

Importing Content from Joomla to WordPress

The Joomla importer works the same way as the Drupal one.
The dialogue is almost the same as the one above and the only difference is that it says Joomla, instead of Drupal.


Importing Posts from RSS Feed to WordPress

You need to provide only the feed URL. The importer works for RSS, version 2.0.

Import Posts from RSS Feed to WordPress

Importing Posts from CSV File (Excel) to WordPress

You know that you can save Excel spreadsheets into a CSV file.
So if you already have your content prepared in an Excel file you can use this option to import it easily to your WordPress site.
The wizard is quite flexible and you can also preview how the CSV is being parsed before you confirm the import.

Import posts from CSV file to WordPress



Importing Posts from Text Files to WordPress

Maybe you have your posts/articles in text files.
Then all you need to do is just zip them and upload to the wizard.
You can specify the structure of your text files to let the wizard parse the fields properly.
There is also a preview of one of the text files you have uploaded and how it is begin parsed.

Import posts from text files to WordPress



The content pool and the page/post editor

No matter which importing option you’re using all the imported content will go to a list, that you can manage.
You can remove any of them, add posts and pages manually and edit the content, using a visual editor.

Posts list / content pool


Editing the imported posts/pages



Once you prepare all the posts you just need to click the “Upload” button and everything will be imported to your WordPress site in less than a minute.

If you haven’t experienced the power of the Wiziva wizards yet now you have one more reason to join.
You can have a website created, optimized and loaded with content in the next 5 minutes (really!).
Click here to join now, it’s free.


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