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Updates for the changes we make on the site

The first release of Wiziva plugin on the WordPress Repository

Our plugin is finally live and available for download from the WordPress repository: After the WordPress review team denied the plugin twice, because of improper including of external files, they finally approved it. Now I know very well how these guys would

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Wiziva ImPorters – Import posts to WordPress from multiple sources (Blogger, Drupal, Joomla, RSS, CSV, etc.)

WordPress became the most popular CMS and probably the most powerful and easy to use. That’s why lot of people are moving from other platforms to WordPress. Recently a friend of mine asked about an easy way to move all his articles from

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The first site, created with Wiziva

2 years in development, testing, and refining the idea, changing technologies, pitching in front of investors (and winning competitions and funding), talking to customers, simplifying and empowering the platform and now we are live.

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