Month: November 2014

See how your WordPress plugins slow down your website using P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler)

P3 - Plugin Performance Profiler

Making your website load as fast as possible is essential if you want to have more visitors, better conversion rates and rank higher in Google searches. But how you can optimize the speed of a slow WordPress website? We are

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Optimize WordPress – How to find the slowest MySQL queries

I’m going to talk a lot about WordPress speed optimization, because it is very important not only to get and keep more visitors but also to get to the top of Google. You should always test your site speed using the “Google

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The first release of Wiziva plugin on the WordPress Repository

Our plugin is finally live and available for download from the WordPress repository: After the WordPress review team denied the plugin twice, because of improper including of external files, they finally approved it. Now I know very well how these guys would

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